maanantai 14. marraskuuta 2011

Midnight Oil..? Don't wan't to know how that saying was born

Recent updates due to our nice now addition in our gear. Finally we have a proper tablet to draw with!
Hopefully you'll be seing more in near future.

sunnuntai 13. marraskuuta 2011

Fuck this s**** I'm going home

What we we're trying to express here is the adversarial frustration going on here. In general.

We don't know how to put this in words but there are so much going on and so many ideas, but not enough time to be produtive. Ideas, ideas they just keep coming.
Like nightmares...that lead to our latest dental experience related dreams.

And yes it's about Corinthian. Our most beloved nightmare fuel Guy of all time. Thank Neil Gaiman and the all illutrators for providing us with many precious childhood traumas. Love you all.

Getting your wisdom tooth cut out sucks. Just to let you people know.

Note dear followers: After the lack of bloggable subjects and just to add some more schaisse to make it look good we'll start posting videos!

maanantai 17. lokakuuta 2011

Just put more skulls on it and it'll do just fine

Halloween season of the Witch as they might call it is almost here once again.

As we tend to like skeletons and skulls so much this is one happy season for our feminine instict of home decorating. Unlike the usual white walls and beige sofa in a roomy home we go way beyond and do it as we please. Most of our furniture we picked up from dumpters and some we got for free/half free from friends and relatives. Beige is not an option.

Thick black velvet drapes, dark furniture and our favorite piece of decoration the Chrome Crocodile Rococo sofa that we upholstered previously make our little Batcave Palace complete. (Picture taken in previous cave)

 Have you ever wondered how many skeletons you can find in your closets when you look deep enough?

Well we just found a whole bunch of them and glued them on a boring old lampshade. There's 7 skeletons each one for one deadly sin and they all seem to be laughing.

I wonder why...

tiistai 26. huhtikuuta 2011

New look

Holy Shit!

We updated our graphics a bit. This portrait we created last night. Looks kinda nice don't you think? Inspired by Rorsach, one of my favorite villains.
Love his style.

And of to draw some new ideas for the future. We have tons of ideas to put together. Should start drawing these on paper soon because my head feels flooded by inspiration.

maanantai 25. huhtikuuta 2011

When Snow White was Black & White

Us at the age of 14. Oh my Goth!
We tried to survive with full set of hair on our head, but after some really annoying incidents and lot's of frustration we finally took the clippers and cut it away from the sides while ago. We've never been that attatched to the hair that grows on the sides of the human head so it had to go. After having mohawk cut since we were 14 years old we've no idea what is the purpose for the hair on the sides of our head.

 After few month of total baldness and intense hair growing we've managed to grow some new hair. While waiting for our hair to grow we went through several ideas of hair color and always ended up with white, again and again.  

We love to change our entire style all the time  depending on out mood and everyday inspirations. As long as we can remember our hair has been a big deal in our life and we have this saying in finnish: Tukka hyvin, kaikki hyvin. Tukka paskasti, kaikki paskasti. - When the hair looks good then everything is good. When the hair looks bad everything is bad. Everybody has a bad hairday every now and then but we try to keep those days at the minimum.
Intense hair growing and the 8cm of hair half a year after getting bald. Trying this bit lower mohawk cut for a change.

Psychobilly fringe without the ponytail on the back 'cause we have nothing to attatch it to. lol.
Finally dreads with a fringe that's fully ours.

keskiviikko 9. helmikuuta 2011

White Trash

Inspiration is closer than you think. As she started wondering what to do with ridiculously small pieces of fabric samples ideas were overflowing and ended up like shown on the pic.
This is her newest trash creation skirt made out of ready sewn jeans samples like pockets and buttonings. Unique 242 skirt is made out of 27 pieces of different parts of jeans and it has 15 functional pockets.
There'll be some pictures of another skirt in gray shades she made for her friend as a birthday present.

 Pics of Nini are also featuring her new hair after going bald last year there's been some development to dreads again. Basic white & silver mixed dreadlocks with silver bangs.

 You can also spot why she might be mistaken of a hardware store. Latest additions to her multiplying bracelet collection are silver skull bracelet and this delectable turquoise egyptian style scarab bracelet. Necklace shown on the pictures is Nini Van Deering's own design.

She's going for some serious Bling Bling here!